See the Surge Before it Hits

Gather important information, accurately predict surge levels, automate workflows and implement proactive measures in the ER to improve patient outcomes.

SurgeCon is an app designed to monitor Emergency Department (ED) capacity in real-time and prevent overcrowding -- a surge -- through the implementation of a series of prescribed, customized actions to maximize patient flow based on the level of demand in the ED.


Empower emergency room staff

  • User-friendly forms encourage frontline staff to quickly and easily provide the information you need
  • Based on their roles, users can be assigned different access levels – information entry, view-only or notification only

Anticipate surge level based on advanced analytics

  • Instantly predict surge levels via algorithms that run on information submitted by staff
  • Pre-identified surge levels range from Level 1 (the ER is not very busy; no immediate concern for a surge) to Level 5 (the ER is completely overwhelmed; a surge is active and ongoing)

Automatically activate proactive measures

  • Alert key staff and administrators, via text, of an impending change in level and possibility of a surge
  • Inform each individual of the specific measures and actions they need to take to prevent the ER from becoming overwhelmed based on the identified surge level

Create a better patient (and staff) experience

  • Improve patient flow, lower wait times, and ultimately drive better outcomes by creating transparency and empowering staff to act before a surge occurs
  • Use real-time data to make real time decisions, allowing the ER staff to take preventative measures to reduce the probability and severity of an overcapacity/surge event

SurgeCon can assist with COVID-19 efforts

Individual Hospitals: manage patient volume and flow to the ER, enable immediate alerts between the ER & ICU when a patient is identified as requiring testing and isolation

Provincial & National Case Management: receive real-time data from the frontlines pertaining to COVID-19 cases in hospital ERs, inform the public of current ER wait times and direct them to locations with greater capacity and shorter waits



Transparency into the ER allowing you to predict when you’re going to be busy and identify on a scale the level of impending busyness and the measure that need to be taken with each level


The ability to see the “surge” before it happens, allowing you to proactively implement measures to lower weight times, improve outcomes for patients and positively impact patient experience


The capability to predict the level of surge by using metrics – you can indicate a score of how busy it currently is and then identify the actions needed to prevent the ER from becoming overwhelmed


Automated text message alerts to key staff and administrators, notifying them of an impending surge


The ability to assign user roles with different access levels – view only, enter and information, notification only