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Metacom Development

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Metacom Development is a team of highly-skilled professionals with decades of experience in the software development industry. Our goal is to turn your ideas and visions into innovative technologies through custom software applications, mobile apps, and website development.

We become partners with our clients and use our technical knowledge to deliver high-quality solutions that drive company growth. Our dedication, loyalty, and passion allow us to succeed in this ever-changing landscape.

By focusing our efforts on select industry sectors such as healthcare, we have become experts in these fields. We can provide valuable insights, cost-saving efficiencies, and turn-key solutions to advance your company.

Software Practices

Enterprise, commercial, and healthcare application development

Consulting Practice

Is your company being held back by old technology? Metacom Development can apply our knowledge and expertise in the software space to assess your company's needs and identify the best solutions for you.

Microsoft Practice

Our Microsoft Solutions Framework utilizes the latest .NET Core technologies to upgrade legacy applications. If your company's software is struggling to meet the demands of today, let's work together to implement new strategies.

Open-Source Practice

Using technologies like Vue.JS, GraphSQL, and React, our team can build industrial-strength applications for your organization and apply decades of experience developing commercial software.

Development Services

Apply Metacom know-how to improve your bottom line

New Application Development

New Application Development

We offer a wide range of dynamic and innovative custom application solutions across various industries.

From designing, developing, and prototyping web apps for your company's website, to enterprise-grade applications for essential business operations, our team of highly-skilled developers will meet your needs.

Legacy Application Transformation

Legacy Application Transformation

As the modern business environment continues to change, companies are forced to adapt in order to compete. By updating your technology stack, we can improve your software's performance, security, and ability to scale.

From updated application interfaces to improved CI/CD processes, we can help your company save time and money through software modernization.

Healthcare Software Solutions

Healthcare Software Solutions

Our advanced end-to-end solutions for the healthcare industry continue to evolve with the high demands of the Covid-19 landscape.

By building better tools for healthcare workers, we can help you deliver effective and efficient care to your patients. Our custom software development will enhance your healthcare solutions and reinforce the relationship between doctor and patient.

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

We combine our knowledge of web design, development, SEO, and marketing to build professional websites that will help your business grow.

Using the latest technologies and quality standards, we'll ensure that your site looks clean, is responsive on all devices, and remains compatible with all major browsers.

Mobile Apps - iOS and Android

Mobile Apps - iOS and Android

Our team of professionally trained iOS, Android mobile app developers and designers will deliver a cutting-edge solution to help your company extend the functionality of your software.

We'll keep your users engaged with clean, visually appealing interfaces that remain easy to use for a broad range of audiences. By prioritizing security, performance, and scalability, you can be assured that our apps can grow with your company.

Technologies We Use


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